Whichway's Dream Hat Fight Nightmares & Catch Sweet Dreams

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This is a true story of my son Joey.  When he was a small boy he hated getting his hair cut.  I would have to catch him, try and keep him still, get the buzzer out, and do what I could.  Needless to say his hair went every which way.  Thats how my father came up with the nickname Whichway!

Whichway had a wagon filled with all his worldly possessions that he would wheel around the neighborhood.  He loved to dress up and go on adventures.  

One night after waking up with a "scary movie in his head", he wished he had a hat in his wagon that he could put on his head so no bad dreams could get in.  The next day I gave him a special "dream hat".
With the power of positive thinking and Whichway's special dream hat, his bad dreams went away and he wore his hat to bed for years.

Dream Hat


Joanne finished the hats and they are all monogrammed.  They are available in many colors, check out the store! 

Whats a Dream Hat?

 The Dream hat is a special hat made by Joanne,  to go along with her book.   It is a soft 95%cotton 5% lycra hat with a small hole at the top.   The hole keeps out the bad dreams and only lets good dreams in. They are available in many colors.  Joanne just finished making them and they are available for purchase. 

About the author

About Joanne


This is Joanne's first book.  Joanne is the mother of of two sons, James and Joey, and three step sons.  When her grandchildren began having nightmares she remembered the "power" of the dream hat and decided to write the book to help other children and their parents with the same problem.